Concert T- Shirt Etiquette: When and When Not To Wear

The protocol I have always followed for wearing concert shirts to a show has been this: I would never wear the shirt of the band I was going to see. I would wear a shirt from another band that I had seen previously. Never the band of the band I was going to see. Not even a previous tour.

Since the majority of the shows we seen were during the school year, we would wear a shirt the following

day of the band that we had just seen. Had the show been on weekend, we would wear the shirt of the band the following Monday. As much to say, "I was there, were you?"

Although not falling in the category of etiquette, there was always the question of "bootleg" or "venue purchase?" You could always get a bootleg concert shirt in the parking lot of the Civic Center for about five bucks, but the quality was a little less than that of the shirt that was not royalty free.

Now the question: "What was your concert t-shirt etiquette?" To wear, or not to wear?