January lasted 130 days in 2022. Spring has been wet and cool. We've only had a few days that have reached 80 degrees or higher. You know what I'm talking about.

My gut vibe tells me—I am not a meteorologist—that summer temperatures in Lansing and Mid Michigan will be brutal this summer. That's my opinion, not based on science.

There are plenty of ways for you to cool off in the Lansing area if you want to. You can always head out to Hawk Island Park for a day at the splash pad, or you can visit Lake Lansing. Both of these are good options if you want to cool off. They are county parks, but there will be an entrance fee.

I like going to both locations to cool off. My family and I often head out to Lake Lansing for the day. We bring the grill, the cooler, chairs and lawn games. It's always a good time hanging out with the family and creating memories at Lake Lansing.

Sometimes it can get crowded. I understand that these county parks can get busy, and usually I don't mind a crowd. The more the merrier right? I get it, sometimes we just don't want to be surrounded by a huge crowd of people. That doesn't mean that we are anti-social, it just means that sometimes we need a little downtime.

Wouldn't it be nice to have your own pool to swim in? It'd be great to cool off in the privacy of a private pool. Guess what, you can.

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First, there was Airbnb. It's a cool concept, renting someone's home to stay in while you are visiting a particular area. I have not rented one, although it's a unique concept, I feel weird sleeping in someone's house...and who knows how many cameras they have up recording your every move.

Finding your own swimming hole to enjoy just got easier with Swimply. Swimply is similar to Airbnb. You jump online at their website to book a pool, at a private residence, where you can have some fun with your family.

Discover, book, enjoy is all you have to do, and the website will walk you through it. I found one pool in the Lansing area that you can book to enjoy. Pool rentals are based on the hour.

Check out the pics for the house in Lansing. If you look on Swimply, the house is called the "G Oasis" in Lansing. The pool looks nice and it would definitely be a great way to cool off.

"G Oasis" Pool For Rent in Lansing, Michigan

There's exactly one pool in Lansing that you can rent through Swimply. Check it out:

If you have a pool at your residence, would you be willing to rent it out? Drop a message to let me know.

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