I love to see what people can create when given some raw materials and the goal to create something.  We are so much more creative than we give ourselves credit for - no matter if you sing, dance, draw, paint, cook, garden, restore custom cars, remodel homes - it's all art.

One of my favorite community art projects is 'Scrapfest'.  Teams are given one hour to collect 500 pounds of scrap metal from Friedland Industries in Lansing, then they have two weeks to create something -- the works of art are unveiled during the Festival of the Moon/Sun in Old Town Lansing, which took place this past weekend..

Look at what they created this year!  I took the pics yesterday morning as they were starting to load up the amazing creations from Scrapfest 2014 -- check out the Scrapfest link here to see if you recognize any of the team members from Greater Lansing.  Maybe next year, welders, you'll get in the game yourself!