It's no coincidence that I am a huge fan of the History Channel and it's shows like American Pickers, Pawn Stars, Forged In Fire, Swamp People and Counting Cars. 

Like Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, I love picking for old stuff. I've been to the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. But it wasn't until last night, that I got to see this band. I did have the opportunity a couple of years ago while I was in Las Vegas, but that's a whole other story!

The band is Count's 77 based out of Las Vegas and is headed up by front man Danny Koker, aka "The Count" of Count's Kustoms, also in Las Vegas. Koker is the epitome of the term "car guy" with his roots being steeped in Michigan. As a youth in Detroit, he became a self taught mechanic and has family members that were Ford Motor Company employees.

Set in the concert venue at Firekeeper's Casino and Hotel, the music was everything you could hope for in a Classic Rock style band. Going into this with no expectations at all, my wife Sara Marie and I were more than surprised and pleased with their music. Playing selections from their first release and their latest, "Soul Transfusion," the music was as polished as one of the Count's Kustom creations, but raw enough to not be lost by the true classic rock fan. And in true rocker form, they payed homage to Detroit and featured great covers from Golden Earring, Bad Finger and of course, Bob Seger.

What should not be missed is the native of Lansing, Michigan on bass, Mr. Barry Barnes. Brother to my good friend Brian "Lionel" Barnes, "Uncle Barry" (as I have been referring to him for years) laid down a solid foundation for the rhythm section that also featured the band's original namesake, Mr. John Zito. Paul DiSibio also laid down the drum work to round it all out. Count's 77's lead guitarist Stoney Curtis was nothing short of awesome as well. I'm not sure who their keyboardist was, but he needs to be recognized for strong backing vocals as well as his work on the ivories. All in all, a great experience and will look forward to seeing them on their home turf before too long.

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