Lucia DeClerck lived through the Spanish Flu, 3 husbands and just beat COVID for her 105th birthday! She is the oldest resident in her nursing home. She credits, Prayers, taking one step at a time and gin soaked raisins for her beating COVID. She said she like 9 gin soaked raisins for breakfast everyday. She even explained how to do it.

Fill a jar with raisins, soak it in gin for 9 days, then eat 9per day. To HELL with your apple a day... Gramma likes her raisins Irish!

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When the pandemic started, we did some silly things. Wiped all of our groceries down before bringing them in. Now we know, surface transmissions of COVID are highly unlikely, as long as things are being cleaned. It's in the air. That is what you should be more concerned with. Click here to read all that. That's why a mask is more important than bleach wipes.

The DUMBEST thing I think we did during the pandemic, was re-cooking our food when we got it home. Most of the time it would dry all the juiciness up and left us still hungry! I heard COVID cooks off at about 130 degrees so, we were just trying to keep our child safe.

In the beginning, I wore 2 masks everywhere. Now, the CDC recommends that so, wrong on one, right on the other.

In Iran last year, there was a rumor that alcohol killed the virus so over 700 people died after drinking methanol. Over 5,000 were poisoned and as many as 90 went blind from alcohol poisoning. Click here to see I ain't lying.

I'll try my luck with the raisins.

Some songs about gin for you.

This is Classic but not rock. Some websites call it the best song about gin.

How about the Gin Blossoms?


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