It already made Thanksgiving one of the BEST EVER! Now, because of COVID, the holidays will be less stressful for those NOT getting together with the family.

Our Thanksgiving was just the three of us. We ordered take out from a world famous chicken place the day before and heated it up for Thanksgiving dinner. It was perfect. Such little stress. No cooking. No fear of ruining your dish to pass and getting made fun of. We considered doing it again next year. Look, I missed my family. I went and got leftovers from my moms but I won't be the one getting them sick.

It's PROBABLY mostly about the gifts and not having to get them this year if you aren't getting together. The stress of buying the right gift for someone can be overwhelming. Now, if you aren't getting together for the holidays... You don't have to worry about that.

How about arguments at the table about politics? Harboring old resentment? Still getting picked on for all the stupid things you did? You don't have to worry about that this year... Until you do your safe family Christmas in April.

My parents pitched Christmas in January... I told them we weren't coming. So, now they are doing it on Christmas Eve like normal. They spent their Thanksgiving pretty much alone and can't bare the thought of being alone on Christmas. I will miss everyone but I won't be the one getting them sick.

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