I honestly didn't know that cursive had left the schools to begin with which shows just how out of touch I am.

As reported by wilx.com, a new proposal hopes to mandate Michigan's education department to create a cursive program for Michigan's schools.

Would Schools Be Required to Teach It?

From what I understand, no. There won't be any requirements to include cursive in a school's curriculum. But, educators will be strongly encouraged to teach it.

As it is, I'm sure there are some teachers in Michigan that are already teaching their kids how to write in cursive even without this program in place. The program would just supply a bit of structure around this specific lesson.

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Do Adults Actually Use Cursive?

Honestly, I don't know. In my own personal experience as a functioning adult (we'll use the term 'functioning' loosely), the only time I've used cursive outside of school is for signatures. Of course, knowing how to sign your name on loans, checks, and credit card purchases is important.

Looking back on my time in school, I wish they would have taught us things like, you know, taxes and how to properly budget instead of cursive. But, that's just me.

When Will This Go Into Place?

Should the proposal be passed in the state legislature, the program would be available and in place by the fall of 2024.

But, if the main point of teaching cursive is to make sure that kids know how to sign their names on things as adults, surely, a quick course on Youtube could do the trick, no?

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