If you're going to shop at work, instead of work at work, here are a few suggestions in an attempt to avoid getting cyber-scammed. You're on your own for figuring out how to duck the boss while you're scoring deals.

Axios.com warns that more phishing websites get started during the current season than any other time of year and you should avoid clicking on a site that was sent from an email - and watch for typos in web site urls - that could expose you to a scam site which might allow access to your financial information or put you at risk of ransomware.

Make sure the site you're browsing is secure, especially before entering your credit card info. It should have 'https', not http, at the front of the web address.

You're likely going to be safer doing your shopping from a laptop or desktop than from your mobile device, as it might not always be possible to read the url bar from your mobile, since the address gets shortened for the smaller space.

And you probably don't want to use 'free WiFi' in a public space (unsecured) for conducting financial transactions, as that can make your banking info vulnerable.

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