If there's one thing Lansing knows it's the unique and rigorously guarded secret that is the city's signature "Crack Chicken." So imagine our surprise when we saw a very pedestrian chicken wrap recipe promoted as "Crack Chicken." Excuse me?

The video, produced by Eating on a Dime" is for a recipe for "Bacon Cheddar Ranch Pinwheels." However, the title card for the video calls these little danties "Crack Chicken." Oh how very wrong.

this is not crack chicken
Eating on a Dime/Facebook

Crack Chicken, as any Lansingite can tell you, the uniquely seasoned fried chicken is all Lansing. Let the Lansing State Journal school the uninitiated:

"Crack chicken" isn't a precise term. Any sort of chicken that tastes so good you want to go right back up to the counter and order more might qualify. But it usually means wings with a special seasoning mixed into the flour and sprinkled on top.

And, in Lansing, the only places you can find it are fish fry spots....

The boxes list the ingredients as lemon pepper, cane sugar, salt, black pepper, lemon peel, navy bean flour, spices and a few others. But how to mix it, how much of each ingredient, is a secret....

Now not to diss the video too much more, the wrap with ranch, cream cheese, chicken bacon and green onion seems perfectly delicious. But, please, don't call it "crack." You know not of what you speak. But do check out the video for the concoction below.

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