My amazing friend Sonja Mattson-Barnes has been helping Military Veterans at the Veterans Administration in Battle Creek by volunteering her time to teach yoga to the Vets in crisis - those who find themselves as in-patients in the Mental Health ward. She's shared with me some incredible stories about these men and women who are suffering from PTSD and many other challenges related to their time in combat. Some have told her that taking her that yoga has helped them sleep - which is a big deal. Others have told her that what they learned in yoga has saved their lives. Wow.

Sonja won a "Champion of Health" award from the Michigan Fitness Foundation. SO proud of her!

The awards were handed out at Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions, last Thursday night. I got to go along for the ceremony, which included access to the field - awesome! Did you know that they have fake dirt, too? It's little tiny black synthetic crumbs. We got to throw passes and punt, too (I didn't kick - had to go on the field in my socks and prefer to have unbroken toes). Sonja thought we should play the drums, which wasn't an option offered. Some days, you just gotta' ask for what you want and ye shall receive!