I reported yesterday that while driving on Mt. Hope, between Hagadorn and Harrison past the Michigan State University campus in East Lansing last week, my 15 year old stepdaughter started a conversation about MSU's degree programs being superior to other schools. Which led me to interject, incorrectly, about the world-renown FRIB facility that was constructed in the past few years (no, they are NOT splitting atoms there...).

That thread led to me speculating that the actual physical campus footprint of MSU, thinking that with all the property just here in Greater Lansing, it MUST be the biggest, if not close to the biggest, in all the world. Wrong again. I'm used to it.

Lawnstarter.com has the breakdown here of physical campus size and I will be surprised if you've even heard of the biggest one in the world, which has over 27,000 acres! And they've only got a couple of thousand students!

MSU landed in 8th place on the list with its 5,239 acres.

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