I was once a LeBron James hater. When he made his "Decision" in 2010 to take his talents to South Beach in 2010, he angered millions of people. When he said they would win "not one, no two, not three, not four..." championships, I wanted to see the "Decision" blow up in his face. After the Heat lost the NBA Finals to Dallas in 2011, I took pleasure in his failure. I went on the air and said "this must be not one."

The next year, I watched LeBron take it to a Jordanesque level and the team rode him to the NBA Championship. The "Decision" turned out to be the right one. My hate has an expiration date. I now see LeBron James as THE BEST BASKETBALL PLAYER IN THE WORLD. The next year, the Heat won the title again. This year they lost to the Spurs. 4 title trips in 4 years? Good. "Decision."

Dwayne Wade ain't who he used to be and everyone knows it. Chris Bosh will sign with Houston as soon as the word becomes official, most likely Thursday. The Cleveland Cavaliers now have a better future than Miami. They have their young star Kyrie Irving locked up for 6 years. Also, LeBron and Kyrie both have "Amongst The Familia!" on their Twitter pages, leading the bloggers to speculate this is a sign LeBron will return to Cleveland.

The soap opera ended in disappointment in 2010 but LeBron has the great American shot a redemption and would win over a lot of haters by returning to Cleveland. Would your opinion of LeBron change if he made his way back home?

Unlike 2010, I know LeBron will make the right decision. He made the right one last time.