Yeah, but.

Just two words.

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They give credence but they also let you know that something still ain't right.

And it's maddening.

Say like when a crime is committed. And someone gets hurt or assaulted or killed.

Yeah, but.

Yeah, but if she wouldn't have been wearing that.

Yeah, but if he wouldn't have been there doing that.

Yeah, but if he would have only just listened and complied.

Yeah, but.

No. Click on the article and see the whole picture.

Yeah, but.

If he wouldn't have...counterfeit bills, been on drugs, etc.

And after due process. After court. After testimony. After witnesses. After a jury. After a verdict.

Chauvin. Guilty on all three counts.

I honestly thought he'd get away with it. Like all the others before him.

Yeah, but.

And you know what's really maddening to me?

After all this. Fair trial in a court of law with a jury of your peers.

Take a look at this.

If you click on that Facebook post from WILX take a look at the LIKE, LOVE, and ANGRY emojis.

Click on the ANGRY emojis. Take a look at the long list of people who are angry at this verdict.

They have a problem with the verdict and outcome of the trial.

But not this.

Yeah, but.

I'm good with the verdict. I think justice was served and it played out in a court of law.

I now wait to see how this one will play out because it chills me to my very soul.

Maybe it doesn't hit you the SAME way it hits me because I'm a black male and this could happen to me, my nephews, my father, my friends and other people who look like me.

But I'm sitting waiting with baited breath to see if people who kill folks who look like me in broad day light will get their day in court and justice will be served.

I am anticipating them getting away with it because it seems to be the standard operating procedure.

It feels like it's always open season.

Modern day executions caught on video.

Yeah, but.

I don't celebrate this verdict.

I'm glad justice was served.

Honestly, I'm scared of what's next.

What retaliations. What escalations.

Was this just a one off and we'll be back to normal.

Let's not forget that while this very same trial was going on that this happened.

Wait for it...

Yeah, but.

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