Everyone has been hit hard by the pandemic, some more than others. With concerts being canceled and local bars and restaurants being closed, many musicians have been out of work.

Detroit is giving back to local musicians who have been struggling to stay afloat this year. Events going on through the months of August and September raised $431,000 for nearly 450 area artists. About half of that money came from a grant arranged by Oakland County. The Arts, Beats & Eats Musicians Fund raised $83,000 with the help of a GoFundMe page. Eminem's Marshall Mathers Foundation contributed $25,000. And last but not least, $16,000 was generated from a drive-in concert weekend in Royal Oak.

Jon Witz , director of Arts, Beats & Eats was overwhelmed with the success they had raising money this year.

“It was incredible to have the opportunity to collaborate with local musicians, to actually get live shows going in 2020 and help people who’ve really had their careers slammed to a halt. There’s definitely a sense of optimism for mid to late summer of 2021. It’s rough right now, but we’re celebrating the chance to do some good, and we have hope for getting live music back in the community next year.”

I don't know about you, but I am more than ready for shows to come back. I never thought I would miss being squished in a crowd of people, but I do. Artists have been going above and beyond with these virtual concerts, but I'd rather be singing along in person than on my couch.

What concerts were you supposed to go to this year that you missed? Download the app and send us a message!

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