This is almost too good for the Lions. When you've been down as long as the Lions have been, this is almost like they're being set up for a big fall. But all pieces are falling into place, and if desire and emotion was all it took to win on Sunday in the NFL, then the Leos would have things locked up right now.

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But Detroit's Jamaal Williams sure is feeling it. Here's a clip release earlier Monday that's gotten some big attention today.

Yes, those are real tears. I don't believe you can fake those. Here's what Williams said when he huddled up with his teammates.

"Today is the minimum of effort. Do not give up, do not feel like you tired. When you tired, think of last year and think of that (expletive) record! Every time I get tired or I think I can't go no more, I think of that (expletive) record! Last year wasn't it! That ain't us! We can make it! Have some heart! I get emotional about this, I'm 'bout to cry cause I care about ya'll. Do your best, let's go! Lions on three."

Hard Knocks debuts on HBO on Tuesday night. My guess is America will fall in love with Lions coach Dan Campbell. He's a natural for this. But this spontaneous display of emotion from Jamaal Williams won't hurt either. But neither Campbell's colorful demeanor nor Williams' emotion will be enough if the team doesn't execute and win some games.The Lions are not the Cubs of the last century (lovable losers). They need to show improvement or all this is for nought.

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