The look on Detroit Lions running back Adrian Peterson says it all. It's going to be a very long season.

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers
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Sunday the Green Bay Packers handed Detroit another humiliating ass whipping 42-21. I predicted 47-13. Close but I am not afraid to say I was wrong. Like the Lions ownership. At least we have a new person to blame now... Sheila. Sheila Ford Hamp.

I wonder, how many former Patriot assistants have to fail as coaches before people realize it's Bill Belichick? He is the main reason New England is always competitive.

Detroit is competitive early but folds like a wet napkin in the second half. They set a NEW NFL record yesterday for futility. They are the first team EVER to lose 4 straight games where the team held a DOUBLE DIGIT lead. They lead the Packers yesterday 14-3, then choked on the cheese.

Adrian Peterson is 5th on the NFL all-time rushing list. The guy ahead of him is Barry Sanders. Peterson would have to have a great season to pass Barry this year.

The guy I really feel for is Matthew Stafford. Just like Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson before him... The Lions failed him and their fans. The organization is cursed and doesn't have a clue. The only fans left are diehards or victims with Stockholm Syndrome.

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