No matter which side of the political 'aisle' you find yourself, there is one topic we all tend to agree on: our military veterans deserve more than they currently get once they come home.

Defense Secretary Hagel Marks Veterans Day At The Vietnam War Memorial
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According to the Veterans Association, there are 18.5 million veterans in the United States, with over 562,000 of them living in the state of Michigan as of 2020. That means 5% of Michiganders can say they served our country at some point in their life.


Despite unemployment levels for veterans being statistically lower on average than regular civilians, there are still 37,000 homeless veterans in the US looking for the promise of a better life after they gave their all to protect our freedoms.

U.S. Dept Of Labor Sponsors Veterans Employment Expo
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The financial gurus at Wallethub took a look at the top 100 cities to see how far a military veteran's budget could go, and the results are a little disheartening...

Which city in Michigan is the worst for military veteran's budgets?

After living the military, it sounds like your worst choice is Detroit.

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Not only did it rank worst in Michigan, it also came in dead last nationwide overall for 'Best Cities for Veterans to Live'. Detroit is currently ranked last for job opportunities for veterans, they are also second to last in quality of life for veterans after their service.


While Detroit is part from a military city, it's lacking in gainful employment opportunities and resources for our vets pulls it back in the national average.

How can we help veterans in Detroit?

There are several great organizations that are trying to fill in the gaps where veterans aren't getting what they need.

You should donate time or look into organizations like the Jack Kagan Foundation, The Michigan Veterans Foundation, and Say Detroit whose mission specifically tries to help as many homeless veterans as possible.

Veteran's Day Discounts & Freebies

As we take a day to honor those who've proudly served our country, we've assembled a list of discounts and freebies available to Veterans this year.

From Applebee's to White Castle, many restaurants are offering free meals to veterans. There are also several retail chains like Walgreens and Target that are offering discounts on select merchandise.

Let us know if we missed a great deal and we'll be sure to include it here.

Note that all offers are subject to change and some restrictions apply. Some offers are being made available to military veterans while others are being extended to active duty personnel and their families. Please check with individual retailers for complete details.

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