An idea that has been thrown around for a while is that as a man the longer you live, the more attractive you become. Some believe that it's due to their success in life or the sizes of their wallets, but I just think that experience and age are more legit drawing points for this argument. Especially when wallets and success levels are equal, age really begins to show its value.

The Detroit Pistons got a new head coach a few years ago as Dwane Casey made his way down from "The North" to take the helm. Five years ago, Casey left the Toronto Raptors and took the head coaching job for the Pistons. He is the complete opposite of the previous coach and has gotten the Detroit basketball team back to their winning ways as they prepare to compete for a playoff spot this year.

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Get our free mobile app did some research and wrote an article to determine who is the most handsome coach in the NBA. Granted this seems like an objective list to come up with as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there are ways to get around this. used the Golden Ratio Face app, which allows users to upload selfies to be sent through a face beauty analysis based upon the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi.

The app takes the selfies, runs them through the analysis, and gives them a score on a scale out of 10 instead of the true 1.618 and is based upon facial symmetries. After running headshots for every coach through the app and receiving the scores, they ranked all 30 coaches from the most attractive to the least attractive based on the Golden Ratio.

Dwane Casey made splashes in the headlines along with fellow midwest coach, J.B. Bickerstaff. They both had high ratings on the Golden Ratio placing them within the top 50% of the league, but how high up on the list did they travel? Well, Bickerstaff, the coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers, is all the way at the top of the list, listed as the most handsome coach in the NBA with an 8.98 rating while Casey is only 2 spots behind him as the third most handsome coach with an 8.68 rating.

Both of these coaches will be looking to build off of this off-court success as they prepare for the 2022-2023 NBA season that begins on Tuesday, October 18th. Will they be able to take their winning beauty and transform it into winning basketball strategies?

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