People in Michigan and four other states claim to have seen a fireball in the middle of the day on December 2nd, 2020.

According to MLive, the fireball and "boom" that came with it were seen and felt all the way from Ontario to Virginia the other day.

While we are used to seeing "shooting stars" and fireballs at night, seeing one in the middle of the day is quite a surprise! Also, with a year as wild as 2020 has been, we can assume people were probably freaked out or having their minds start racing.

There were rumblings of an asteroid around the time of the election; however MLive, citing the Associated Press, reported the fireball was most likely a "disintegrating meteor."

The American Meteor Society is based in western New York and they actually received about 100 reports from witnesses about the fireball with some of those coming from Michigan areas like Sanilac County, Marysville, Livonia, and Macomb County’s Clinton Township.

Eyewitnesses from Michigan and beyond all had different accounts as to what the flash looked like. Some said it was bright white with shades of yellow, others say it looked red with orange sparks (like your typical fireball) and another said they saw a green-colored train on it.

Some people in New York even said the "boom" sound was loud enough to shake their windows, a phenom that Margaret Campbell-Brown, a member of the Meteor Physics Group at Western University in London, Ontario told MLive is entirely possible!

"These bright meteors produce sound waves, and big meteors can give off a sonic boom that sounds like thunder when they break apart," MLive reported Campbell-Brown said.

So we can all be relieved to know that a meteor 29 days before the end of what is arguably one of the worst years ever is not what takes us all out!

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