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Posted yesterday on's Facebook page yesterday morning:

"Currently we are experiencing winds of sufficient force in the Straits area to close the Mackinac Bridge to all vehicles except passenger cars, passenger vans, and empty pickup trucks. Winds are blowing across the bridge surface in excess of 50 miles per hour."

You can get live images from the Mighty Mac by clicking here. By the looks of it, they're still getting pretty crap-tastic weather up there today.

As predicted, Greater Lansing did get hit with some pretty lousy weather over the weekend, including freezing rain, which brought down tree limbs and power lines, with crews still working to repair outages.

By the looks of it, roads north of here were much worse than around here; NBC25 News posted these pics on their Facebook page of cars sliding off of I-75 near Frankenmuth on Saturday.

Northern Michigan has gotten significantly more snow than we did - and there's more on the way today. A co-worker's girlfriend got stuck in a hotel in Alpena for the weekend, under threat of 30 inches of snow (really?); 'rumor was' that some people were getting ticketed for driving in the hazardous road condition. And there's still a Winter Storm Warning for northern lower Michigan until 8:00 tonight.

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