The future is now! Digital license plates are coming to Michigan! They are already out west in California, Arizona and in Boston. Now, Michigan has approved legal mumbo jumbo and they will be sold in Michigan starting around the second quarter of 2021. They aren't cheap though. The affordable version is like 500 bucks and they have a fancy version too for a bit more. 500 bucks is more than I paid for my car... No kidding.

All I can picture is the Duke Boys running from Roscoe and the plate changes to "Up Yours Copper!" But hardly anyone knows the difference between your and you're, so it's another place to look for misspellings.

It's a way to communicate with other drivers like: This car is stolen. Or spreading Amber Alert messages. Maybe, tell the jackass behind you to back off... Maybe? In the future. Right now, it's all about getting them in place, then perfecting them like only Michigan can. The only messages you can display will have to be approved (buzzkill) and you can select them from your smart phone.

They have been approved by the Michigan Secretary of State and the legislature. Texas, Georgia and about 10 other states are expected to pass laws allowing them. Car and Driver magazine had a write-up about it. Click here to get the full story. 

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