We may not be flying around in cars just yet, but we soon may have the option of a digital license plates. This new tech plate can replace the stamped metal plates that Michigan residents have been sporting on vehicles for 125 years. Although the plate was approved here in Michigan - no availability date has yet been given.

So what the heck is a digital license plate and where did it come from? Rplate was created by Reviver Auto. Rplate was first introduced in California and gained national recognition at the North American International Auto Show last year. The plates use wireless technology and allow messages to be changed remotely. Digital plates could report if the car has been stolen, and in the future the company hopes to report Amber Alerts and weather alerts via the plate.

Reviver Auto will work closely with Michigan Secretary of State, Joceylyn Benson to make the plates available to interested drivers

Sounds great right? Well maybe not. The price according to The Verve, is $499 for a basic version, and $799 for a premium version that features a GPS navigation add-on. At those rates, I am guessing the old stamped metal plates are not going anywhere soon.

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