The other day the in-laws came over to drop off the last of our baby stuff. They have helped us out so much and this was the end of a long road. We went out for breakfast at my favorite place and my father in-laws new favorite place, the Feedbag in Fowlerville.

After a great breakfast, I had a delicious prime rib combo, we went to Walmart. I had already spotted some pretty snazzy Christmas sweaters I wanted to try on. My in-laws were confused with what I was doing. Every year when they haul out the Christmas crap, I get my picture taken in the ugliest sweater, vest or Christmas concoction I can find.

This year, I saw this baby and knew it would spread Christmas joy. The picture got nearly 500 likes on my Facebook page. It got a lot of comments and apparently you can get this at Meijer as well as Walmart. I thought it showed off my nice rack.


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