As we approach the Fourth of July, here's your annual reminder: Yes, more fireworks are now considered legal in Michigan, but many cities, towns, and municipalities have enacted some strict ordinances regarding when and where it's legal to make 'em go boom. Be sure to check with local authorities before cutting loose as fines tend to be quite steep in most areas. posted this article stating the ordinances in the City of Lansing. (BEWARE...ordinances and fines differ from town to town!!!)

List of Mid-Michigan fireworks shows

Fireworks and firecrackers are prohibited from being ignited in the city between 12:00AM and 8:00AM Thursday, Friday, and Saturday this weekend. It's illegal to ignite on any other day. If you plan to attend the Lansing display Friday Night at Adado Riverfront Park, LEAVE YOUR SIGHTS AND SOUNDS AT HOME!!! Violators will not only have their fireworks taken away, but will also be ticketed with a maximum fine of $500.00!! Have fun, be smart, be safe!!