Saturday, I was broadcasting live at Sparky's Fireworks Outlet in Jackson. I posted this picture to Facebook. My shirt is the 3 wolf moon with stars and stripes backdrop.

Jim made a comment I took to heart: "Clothing that is made to look like it was made from a flag in my opinion is disrespectful to the flag. Flags that are on are clothing are much different. Just my opinion. God Bless America."

I always thought it was too. I totally respect Jim and his opinion. I have many strong ones about our flag. Like, if it's torn at all, GET A NEW ONE! I get pissed when I see our flag improperly displayed. I will retire the shorts. Who is more to blame in the American flag as clothing debate, the producer or the consumer?

Well, it turns out wearing the flag as clothing is a no-no in the flag etiquette debate. The Leroy Township Fire Department shared this on their Facebook page, so I will share it with you. Click here to see the proper American Flag etiquette.