How often do you sit around trying to come up with a new restaurant to go try out? I'm willing to bet that you rarely think about heading to downtown Lansing for a bite to eat. Downtown Lansing has some tasty dining options.

Let's take a culinary ride in downtown Lansing. Downtown is pretty busy Monday thru Friday from 8a-5p. After 5p, downtown Lansing feels like a ghost town. Heading downtown after hours is a good thing, save money on parking and try some new restaurants without the hassle of waiting.

Some restaurants in downtown Lansing have hours that serve the state workers that work in Lansing, Monday thru Friday. There are other locations that are happy to seat you at your convenenience. I want to showcase the restaurants in downtown Lansing that you should try at least once.

Although there are some tasty dining venues, downtown Lansing needs more than food to attract people to come to the city. A venue for live acts would help that endeavor. It's my understanding that some venues are being developed. When you have a venue that attracts people it will also give the restaurants downtown an opportunity to cater to a new audience and it could inspire other restaurant trailblazers to open something new.

I've been to many restaurants in downtown Lansing. There are also some that I haven't been to. The ones I haven't been to are definitely locations that I want to try. Utilizing yelp helped with the reviews.

Downtown Lansing Restaurants Everyone Should Try at Least Once

Bowdie's Chop House - 320 E Michigan Ave Lansing, MI 48933 - I used to go to the Knight Cap. I've heard notihing but amazing things about Bowdie's.

Mark M:

This was our first visit to Bodies We were in town for the Purdue VS MSU basketball game. The first thing to know is the pace is very small. I would make a reservation. Second, it is located in an area of bars and restaurants where you can grab a drink before dinner.

We had the Cowboy Ribeye, bone in fillet, and the wedge salad. Sides were au grantin potatoes, mushrooms, and brussel spouts. Drinks included Old Fashioned, chocolate martini, and wine.

Everything was outstanding. Food, Drinks, SERVICE, and atmosphere. We will be back the next time we are in the East Lansing/Lansing area.

Kewpee's Sandwich Shop - 118 S Washington Sq Lansing, MI 48933 - no doubt, the olive burger is top notch.

John C:

This place was amazing! First time having an olive burger and boy was it delicious!

Ordered the homemade chili and Miami burger with fries. Loved every bite and was impressed with the staff and they were so fun.

Told them "this place was better than Burger King!" LOL they laughed and said "the dishes and mop are that way so get to it!"  too funny.

Can't wait to return to this place as they know how do to burgers right.

Troppo - 111 E Michigan Ave Lansing, MI 48933 - I've been here once and the food was good.

Lisa K:

We had a large group here for dinner last night, and it was a wonderful experience! Everyone enjoyed their meals, the service was exceptional...Charlie made sure to learn all our names and made sure we were all taken care of at every moment.

I had the lobster risotto, and it was so delicious I am already planning to bring my husband, and we live 2 1/2 hours away. The table shared several desserts and they were all delicious, but today each of us are still talking about the strawberry shortcake....that was over the top wonderful.

This experience is exactly what a nice restaurant should be....and I will be back!

EnVie - 210 S Washington Sq Lansing, MI 48933 - this would be a first visit for me. They have a great selection of meals including seafood and meat.

Marshal R:

COCKTAILS: We first showed up at EnVie looking for excellent cocktails, and we were not disappointed, in fact I think we have found the best bartender in town-- Travis! He's a mixologist, and worked hard to give me what I really wanted-- a clover club with a twist-- a pink lady! They use amazing ingredients, from house made pomegranate grenadine and maraschino cherries. He was down to teach us a few things too, about apple brandy and showed us a special botanical gin that we now buy for our home bar!

FOOD: I just had my birthday dinner here and had been eyeing the scallop risotto for a while-- again, I was not disappointed. The scallops were huge, and well seared-- the risotto was rich and savory and all the flavors worked so magically together on the plate.

DESSERTS: the desserts are always rotating so you never know what you'll be offered! I'm personally not a fan of chocolate desserts but they seem to usually have a selection of multiple chocolate desserts (cake, mousse), I usually go for the non-chocolate one-- the first dessert was unforgettable, this maple cheesecake from Detroit. The other desserts here like lemon raspberry cake are also pretty darn delicious, full of flavor, not too sweet.

Lansing Brewing Company - 518 E Shiawassee Lansing, MI 48912 - when I used to drink, LBC had some tasty beers. Their menu is impressive too. Lots of choices.

Donald M:

Very good food, good beer, excellent service. I had the shrimp taco and the cauliflower taco. Real good. Heather had unberger and enjoyed it and the fries.
Server was very nice, helpful.
Neat place to go, highly recommended.

Kelly's Downtown - 220 S Washington Lansing, MI 48933 - I remember the old location across the street from where they are located now. It has that downtown pub feel and the fish n chips are really good.

Lars F:

The food was really good. The atmosphere was awesome. Service the service was really good. I had the lug nut burger with fries it was delicious. I would go back there again.

Thai Village Restaurant - 400 S Washington Sq Lansing, MI 48933 - I need to try this place.

Christopher G:

This is my favorite place in Lansing. Great options: pad Thai (with choice of meat or tofu), masamen curry, or yellow potato curry. My roommate lives by the chicken curry. There are so many good options on this menu and the staff are polite.

MIdtown Bewing Co. - 402 S Washington Sq Lansing, MI 48933 - I've been here once and the food was really good.

Tonesa G:

Delicious! I was a little scared to try pizza with toppings that included sunflower seeds and honey, but YUMMY!!

La Cocina Cubana - 123 S Washington Sq Lansing, MI 48906 - I'm going to have to try this. I'm a big fan of Cuban food.

Jill K:

I love this little place! I always stop in for the Cuban coffee. Servers are friendly, I love the plantains and the tamales are big. It's nice for a quick lunch and a perfect spot to sit and chat with a friend.

Lansing Shuffle - 325 Riverfront Dr Lansing, MI 48912 - this is the new development inside the Lansing City Market. WIth plenty of dining and entertainment options, hopefully this will succeed. It's only been open a couple of weeks.

Gabby A:

Really great food options and bar. The staff at bar were in incredible and super polite. I am definitely coming back !

Jalapeno's Mexican Restaurante - 307 S Washington Sq Lansing, MI 48933 - another downtown restaurant I need to try. My wife works downtown and raves about their breakfast burritos.

Sue K:

Excellent food and efficient service. Would highly recommend eating there. All the food is delicious.

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