I am a huge fan of Draymond Green. I saw him play when he was a junior at Saginaw and PRAYED he would play at MSU. I got my wish. He was a legendary Spartan. He was such a good Spartan, my 70 year-old father waited 20 minutes just to shake his hand. Tom Izzo is the only Spartan he has done this for.

He was arrested early Sunday morning in East Lansing. Yesterday, he talked about the incident with Fortune magazine.

There are many rumors about this story, none I can legally print. I have heard from eyewitness accounts Draymond was being heckled and sought out. The witness who shot extended video says "once they see the entire video, the charges will be dropped."

However, getting heckled is no reason to bitch slap another human being. Draymond will learn from this. Get a bodyguard to do your slapping for you.

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