Driving the speed limit in Michigan keeps you out of trouble. Driving over the speed limit in Michigan can get you a civil infraction. Is driving under the speed limit illegal in Michigan. Let's find out.

Slow Drivers are Annoying

Slow drivers are annoying. There's nothing more irritating than driving behind someone who is doing well under the posted speed limit. If you're going the speed limit that's ok, however, going the speed of traffic is usually my speed.

Out of towners can slow traffic down because they might be trying to find a destimation. Use the GPS, that's a game changer. It's also going to be game changer for those behind the "tourist", they will use fewer expetives.

What about left lane drivers on the highway? Left lane "campers" are an issue on Michigan highways. Over the past couple of weekends I've been doing some traveling and the left lane "campers" have been unusually inconsiderate. I've also noticed that more often than not, they are from Illinois. No matter what state you are from, move over! The left lane is for passing only on Michigan highways, not a lane to cruise along in because it is the smoothest.

Is it Illegal to Drive Under the Speed Limit in Michigan?

Move over! How many times have we shouted that in our vehicles at people in front of us that like to take their Sunday drives on any day that ends in "y"? I'm guilty of it. Are these folks creating more of an issue? If so, is it legal. If it isn't legal, what's the fine?

If you are driving under the posted speed limit, you can get a ticket. It's called impeding traffic. Bruce Law Firm says:

A Michigan Impeding traffic ticket means that a driver’s vehicle is obstructing the normal flow of traffic, such as blocking the road with your vehicle or driving your vehicle in a manner that interferes with the reasonable flow of traffic. This can involve driving too slow and below the posted speed limit.

Driving too slow is not only annoying to the other drivers out on the road, it is also a safety concern. You can't be going 8 miles per hour in a 25 m.p.h. zone. One more thing, the left lane on the highway is for passing. It's ok to push the gas pedal to pass on the left, even if your cruise control is set.

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