YouTube Courtesy Photo
YouTube Courtesy Photo

WLNS TV 6 reports that after eight very successful seasons as the East Lansing High School Boys’ Basketball Coach, Steve Finamore has resigned.

Sounds like the way it played out, Coach Finamore was approached in the East Lansing High School hallway by a parent last week. The parent was not pleased with their son’s lack of playing time. It seems that the Coach didn’t appreciate the timing of the 'conversation' and said as much to the parent.

Best we understand, it seems that the East Lansing High School Athletic Director, Tom Hunt, then got in the middle of the 'robust chat' between the parent and Coach, which led to a shouting match between the Coach and the Athletic Director.

The shouting match resulted in Coach Finamore receiving a suspension. The Coach ultimately resigned, which the East Lansing School District confirmed yesterday.

Do you know any more details about this story? Anything similar going on in your world?

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