Our friends at homesnacks.net have given us another great list about Michigan cities. This time it reveals the Top 10 Michigan Cities For Singles, just in time for Valentine's Day.

To come up with this list, they used data compiled by the Pew Research Center. The list was determined after factoring in each city's population density, male to female ratio, households with children, median age, and number of unmarried people.

And, yes, we have a local city on the Top 10 list...number two, as a matter of fact....East Lansing. EL has some impressive stats: only 12.5% of households have kids, only 26.3% of households are made up of married folks, and the median age is 21.3 years old.

Somehow, Ypsilanti topped East Lansing for the number one spot. Aside from the scientific facts, we all know you stand a better chance of being shot by a crackhead in downtown Ypsi than in East Lansing.

But, then again, there is a strip club in the heart of downtown Ypsilanti, something I've lobbied for for years in East Lansing.

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