Road construction in Michigan is something we deal with 9 months out of the year. It always seems that there is a project no matter where we turn our head. East Lansing has plenty of road construction going on to be aware of as the MSU students come back for classes.

Apparently this has been an issue for a long time.

When I moved to Lansing in 1996 I remember a massive road project on Grand River Ave. They were widening the road to make it three lanes, it was chaos. It was also welcome week. It seems that the "road peeps" in charge of the construction would want to begin and end the projects right after school is out and before the students return, to avoid traffic congestion.

I don't get paid the big bucks that these decision makers do. There could be a reason that they schedule the way they do. I can't imagine that a bunch of high paid folks aren't using common sense. Most likely it has to do with crews, equipment and budget.

If you live in mid Michigan or are bringing your student to East Lansing to attend classes at MSU, you need to be aware of road construction projects that could potentially frustrate you. There's some tight corners to be aware of if you are bringing a trailer loaded with college supplies for your kiddo.

I went into East Lansing over the weekend and was shocked about the amount of road construction still going on. Most of the construction zones are nearing completion, hopefully in time for move in at MSU.

East Lansing Road Costruction Zones to Avoid

As the students come back and we navigate East Lansing, here are the construction zones to avoid accoding to the City of East Lansing.

McConnell Adams TSM Lansing
McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

2022-2023 Hazardous Sidewalk Program  (first phase completed in 2022, second phase to begin in August 2023) 

This project includes removal and replacement of concrete sidewalks, driveways and drives that have been identified as hazardous in the Chesterfield Hills neighborhood. The project also includes excavation, cleanup, restoration and all incidental work necessary to complete the project and provide a functional system. The first phase of the project was completed in 2022, with the second phase expected to begin in summer 2023 on the following streets:

  • Kensington Road (from Michigan Avenue to Grand River Avenue)
  • Huntington Road (from Kensington Road to University Drive)
  • Westbound Michigan Avenue Only (from Cowley Avenue to Harrison Road)
  • Chesterfield Parkway (from Kensington Road to Huntington Road)
    Cresenwood Road (from Kensington Road to University Drive)

During the work, there will be some limitations to through traffic and restricted parking. Additional updates will be provided soon.

Getty Images/KaraGrubis
Getty Images/KaraGrubis

2023 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) - Phase V  (Construction to begin in July 2023) 

This project includes include the removal and replacement of existing sidewalk and ramp locations within the intersections of Albert & Spartan avenues, Albert Avenue & Kenberry Drive, Albert & Lexington avenues and Frye & Spartan avenues. The project also includes all necessary traffic control, cleanup, restoration and all incidental work necessary to complete the project and provide a functional system.

Road work
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Major Street Improvements on Burcham Drive and Haslett Road (construction to begin in early June 2023) 

This project will include road reconstruction on Burcham Drive, from Abbot Road to Timberlane Street, and sidewalk improvements along Haslett Road, from Deerpath Lane to Merritt Road.

  • Burcham Drive - Construction expected to be complete Aug. 4
  • Snyder & Haslett roads - Construction to start on July 17
  • Snyder & Haslett roads - Construction expected to be complete Aug. 17
Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash
Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Local Utility Improvement Project (construction began in early spring 2023) 

This project will include replacement of water main, sewer, curb and gutter, driveways and sidewalks on Collingwood Drive, Kedzie Street, Division Street, Gunson Street and Sunrise Court. The project will also include surface milling and paving.

Lake Lansing Road Transportation Improvement Project by Ingham County Road Department (Construction to begin late June 2023)

The Ingham County Road Department is planning a Transportation Improvement Project for Lake Lansing Road, from Abbot Road to  Hagadorn Road. The project scope includes a four to three lane conversion, bike lanes and ADA improvements throughout the project limits and a reconfiguration of the Lake Lansing-Birch-Towar intersection for a signalized intersection to provide safe and efficient pedestrian crossings. Lake Lansing-Birch-Towar intersection will be closed and a detour will be in place.

Photo by Kuan Fang on Unsplash
Photo by Kuan Fang on Unsplash

I drove down Burcham yesterday and it only needs one more lane of asphalt and the lines to be painted but should be done soon. Best of luck this move in college season as you work your way through East Lansing. Go Green!

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