With the current housing market, finding a home to house a large family for a reasonable price might be difficult unless you're looking in Ohio.

This unique home at 11162 Spear Road in Painesville, Ohio, is selling for a mere $299,999. It's a reasonably affordable price considering the home includes:

  • 11 bedrooms
  • 5 bathrooms
  • A tower overlooking the entire property
  • 2 garage spaces

The home also has the possibility of being divided into four separate units complete with kitchens and bathrooms if you so desire. Aside from offering 11 bedrooms for under $300,000, the reason this house is so eye-catching is the octagon design.

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When the listing was posted in the Facebook group, Zillow Gone Wild, someone named Christina Q. compared it to Star Wars saying,

If you have ever wanted to renovate a house into a not-quite-fully-operational Death Star, here's your chance.

Instead of trying to describe it, why not just show it to you? Here's a quick, virtual tour of this Ohio home currently on the market:

Unique, 11 Bedroom Home Hits the Market in Ohio for Less Than $300k

This home in Painesville, Ohio, certainly stands out thanks to its unique design. But, what's the catch?

A home this different, and this cheap, certainly won't stay on the market for long. You can see the full Zillow listing here or contact the listing agent, Asa A Cox of CENTURY 21 Asa Cox Homes, at 440-479-3100.

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