Elvira "Mistress of the Dark" has returned! She became popular with mainstream culture around 1988 when the her movie "Elvira Mistress of the Dark" flopped at the box office. She had a late night TV show too with Elvira's Movie Macabre. It was mostly sexual innuendo, like most things during the 80's.

I am not afraid to admit, I am kind of a pig. Back in the 80's sex was selling and it was everywhere. Elvira would pop on TV and it was hard not to let your eyes look down. So, it was funny to me when my partner Maitlynn watched the video and said "THE CAMERA JUST ZOOMED IN ON HER BOOBS!"

I told her that is all we were looking at back then anyway so it's only fair that's where the camera focus is. Even now, that is where I was looking anyway. The video doesn't even make it 40 seconds before it zooms in on her 69 year-old rack. It's set to the tune of "Holiday" by Madonna.

Seriously, I hope I rock it like Elvira when I am 69 if I even make it. It's hard to tell sometimes if someone is dressed as "Elvira" or "Morticia Adams" from the Adams family. I am sure you'll be seeing a lot of Tiger Kings and Carole Baskins this Halloween. I always love to see those Elvira's. Freddie looked great with a rack!

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