We had our 18th Annual St. John's Lutheran Church Pig N Corn Roast this weekend. We had one of the best turnouts ever for the event and came close to breaking the record for most donations ever! Mrs. Pants organized the event and it would NOT have been the success it was without the help of EVERYONE who contributed. Mike Wall and his family organized the children's activities and it was a HUGE hit with the kids and adults. He brought a "Candy Cannon." He would add air pressure to his "gun" and have the children all line up. He would countdown and shoot candy all over the yard, kind of like a pinata explosion. Here are some of the shots.

The Candy Cannon turned into great entertainment. Every time he went to shoot it, every eye in the food tent was on the kids. Their joy and enthusiasm was contagious. It really provided the perfect entertainment. I HIGHLY suggest it.

A HUGE thanks to Mike and all the volunteers who made this event great. Our cook, Tom Archer started around 4 am and worked in extreme heat and humidity all day. The tent set up and tear down was machine like thanks to Glen Miller from Miller Screenworks. He even had little jobs for the kids to do.

A big THANK YOU to the Fowlerville News and Views for their stories that aided the turnout.

Ray Diederich's Produce Farm in Webberville provided the 40 dozen ears of sweet corn. We had agreed to buy 20 dozen and he would donate 20. When I came to deliver the check to him, he ripped it up saying "If it's a donation you shouldn't have to pay."

Bob, Brandon and Monica at the Webbervile Party Store. They allowed us to plaster our flyers all over that place. Then, gave us a big break on the ice we used at the event.

Another THANK YOU to the great people at Thrivent Financial. For every 3 dollars we raised, they donated a dollar up to a thousand dollars. I am so pleased to tell you, we hit the max! We raised over 3 thousand dollars so Thrivent's thousand puts us over 4 thousand bucks! The money will be split between the Fowlerville Family Impact Center and the Samaritan Fund. The Samaritan Fund will help struggling families in the Webberville/Fowlerville area.

Thanks to everyone who helped and came out to support the event. I was moved by the generosity and inspired by the giving nature of my community. I grew quite a bit this weekend.

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