The Lansing area has always been great at creating fun innovative events in different parts of our city, especially this year in the downtown area. After 15 months of staying home and having to wear masks, many are anxious to get out and go places and do things. And the business community is there with open arms waiting to serve you in many creative ways.

Capital Point Investments has joined with Downtown Lansing Incorporated to bring an event to downtown Lansing this weekend intended to show everyone how alive with opportunity our city is, hence the name of the event is “Lansing Alive”. What’s it all about?

Sip, Shop, and Stroll along Washington Square: Join our partners, Downtown Lansing Inc., on Washington Square to enjoy the social district refreshments areas! Enjoy an outdoor patio, more live music and art, and #LiftUpLocal as downtown businesses offer extended hours!

Come on downtown to Rotary Park (Lansing Center and Shiawassee St. Bridge) this Saturday July 17th from 10am until 8pm. This event is free, here are some of the activities you can participate in :
• 3v3 Half-Court Basketball Tournament – 16 Rec Teams, 16 Competitive Teams -  sign up now to participate at (517) 889-2009
• Food Truck Rally - Some of your favorite Lansing Area mobile eateries will be serving
• Downtown Businesses will feature some “Pop Up Shops”
• Come and see the Art-Fair and Farmers Market Vendors
• What would a Lansing event be without Live Music - Come and enjoy
• Riverfront action includes Boat Races and a Boat Rally
• Come and participate in Interactive Live Exercise outdoors downtown
• For kids and kids at heart there will be an Interactive Scavenger Hunt

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The weather this weekend is going to be perfect for this event as the rain is moving out and the 80’s return. Make plans to get the family together and celebrate our Lansing Alive spirit. There is something for everyone in downtown Lansing.

Read the press release for Lansing Alive


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