We all love a good northern Michigan home, especially when they fall on the waterfront. This Michigan home has something that the average home won't though.

You'd get a view of a Michigan attraction.

Lakefront Michigan Home Has View of Mackinac Bridge

I am a sucker for the Mackinac Bridge.

It's something we drive over no matter how many times we go up north. It's odd that we seem to have such an attraction to a big chunk of steel that lets other pieces of steel move across it.

Nathan Vandenburg via TSM
Nathan Vandenburg via TSM

Regardless, it's a site that you for sure check out no matter the occasion.

Fabulous Northern Michigan Home With Views of the Mackinac Bridge For Sale

Take a look inside this northern Michigan home with a pure Michigan view.

It's a tempting hope to own this northern Michigan home, but that is all it might be for the average home buyer (me).

The only complaint would be the weather in the winter months. While you will experience a beautiful summer and even spring. Those winters are ones you will definitely want to come prepared for or have an extra shovel or two lying around the house.

Regardless, you'll have a view of the bridge that the average person won't and that's always an up and a bragging right that the average home owner cannot brag about.

The home went through a price cut of $65,000. Currently, this Michigan home is on the market for 1,230,000. The home has 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms.

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