I have a huge heart. When I was 5, I watched my dog get hit by a car and die in my arms on our front porch. It began a life of trauma for me and is my oldest, darkest memory. I still am afraid to own a dog and became a cat person.

There are a few dogs I have opened up to. My sisters dog Copper. My buddy Tim's dog Charlie and my friend Darrin's dog Chase. Other than that, I don't have a good relationship with most dogs. Like I said, I have the cat calling.

But this hit me in the feels so bad this morning, I almost missed a talk break, I was so choked up. Call me a bleeding heart but tell me this isn't beautiful.

It's a great lesson to keep your eyes and ears open.

I don't know what happened to the puppy. I just know he has a second chance thanks to this man with a heart.

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