Funny money is making its way around Lansing!

WILX TV 10 reports that Roxanne Landes, co-owner of the REO Town Pub, realized that a woman in her mid-20s was paying for her beverages with fake cash earlier this week.

Landes reportedly checked the security cameras and figured out which patron was passing the faux dough, so she confronted the woman and got her to cough up real legal tender for her purchases that evening.

Then, the other patrons at the bar checked their pockets - three people realized that they had some counterfeit cash in their possession, too, which they'd been given as change.

Doesn't sound like the individual has been arrested or charged yet, but Landes is considering legal action.

WILX TV 10 also indicates that the Lansing Police Department has only been notified of two incidents this year of people trying to pass fake cash. has tips here on how to spot counterfeit money.



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