There is no other time for Michigan sportsmen and women, than fall. The abundance of opportunities is limitless.

Hunting, fishing, hiking and camping, are all at their pinnacle.

The hardest part is trying to decide what to do. For me, it is simple..."Just do it all!"

For financial reasons it's almost impossible to indulge in every sport. But if you play your cards right, you can surround yourself with friends that specialize in one particular species of hunting and fishing. Your fishing buddies should be diverse. One could have a bass boat and the other a sweet walleye rig. You might even have one that runs the great lakes. Or, you could just wade the rivers and trout streams in search of kings, steelhead and brook trout.

With waterfowl hunting so expensive, it pays to have friends with a good layout blind or rig for the bay and divers. When it comes to deer hunting, you might be on  your own. A good spot of private land is hard to come by. To me, bow hunting is a solitary experience.

The harvest is always shared. Sharing the bounty of Michigan's outdoors is second only to that of sharing the experience with fiends or family. And when you can introduce someone new to hunting or fishing, you have ensured that there will be someone to carry on when your time here has ended. A cycle worth every penny spent.

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