Yes, I have an opinion on fall candles and I am sure you do too!

I really love candles. Every year, I stock up and find a new favorite only to forget what it was called the next year and smell every single one I can until I find it again.

However, like many people I have been burned by my candle choices...literally and figuratively.

I get one I think I like in the store only to not be able to stomach it later.

It's like with foods, there is sweet and then there is savory and there is fresh.

Sure, I may sound crazy but you know what I'm sure you know what I mean.

Dessert scented candles are nice for a while but then it almost becomes too "heavy" and overbearing of a smell that you just can't take it anymore.

It's like when you drink a dark beer like a stout on a hot summer day...just not refreshing.

Take it from me, I got a pumpkin mocha candle once only for me to eventually hate coming home to the smell and getting sick of my clothes smelling like it.

However, some of those dessert scents can be really great and really make for it to "feel" like whatever season or emotion you are trying to evoke with it.

All in all, my favorite time for candles is the fall!

I usually now spring for more refreshing and clean scents, like a man's cologne and I think candle companies are starting to notice more people like it too!

No matter your stance on candles, there will always be at least a few scents out there for everyone and I hope you all have one you enjoy...whether you will admit it out loud or not!

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