With Father's Day coming Sunday (June 21st), a lot of us are thinking about our dads this week. While these guys may not be YOUR dad, they were a lot of people's favorites to watch.

My favorite dads to watch on television might differ from other people's but it's mainly because of my age; however, there definitely may be one or a few on here we could all agree with!

This is in no particular order but here are my top five TV dads:

1. Danny Tanner - "Full House"

I think one of the best things about Danny Tanner is that he is so completely different from Bob Saget's true personality. However, we're talking about him as a TV dad here and how can you hate on Danny? Growing up in a household with three daughters, I know what a "girl dad" looks and acts like and Danny really set the bar.

2. Philip Banks - "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"

While we usually refer to him as "Uncle Phil," he was a father to our young Will Smith in "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." Not only was Uncle Phil a firm hand when his children and nephew needed it most but who else would put up with their hi-jinks the way he did!? Uncle Phil was a great motivator and was full of great lessons No matter how often Phil and Will got into it, you knew there was a reason.

3. Mike Baxter - "Last Man Standing" 

One reason I love the show "Last Man Standing" is because the family dynamic closely matches mine. The fact Tim Allen's character Mike is a dad to three daughters already fits my family. However, he is also so dang relatable and reminds me of my dad. A big University of Michigan fan, loves his family more than anything, would rather not deal with "girl drama" but eventually helping anyways are all things Mike Baxter brings that remind me the most of my own dad.

4. Julius Rock - "Everybody Hates Chris" 

I'm already biased on this one because I absolutely LOVE Terry Crews. He is so great, so funny and just all-around an amazing human being. What seals his place as one of my favorite TV dads is his role in "Everybody Hates Chris." His tough love and cheapskate, penny-pinching ways may have seemed excessive but we love him for it. Honestly, I want to keep a picture of Terry Crews as Julius Rock in my wallet to stop me from making stupid purchases.

5. Red Forman - "That 70's Show"

Here's one that I know a lot of people can agree with. At times you really did have to question the ways Red would show his kids and his family love but he did it in his own ways. Sure threatening to put a "foot in your a**" may not seem like a doting, loving father, Red was an awesome, no B.S. kind of guy. Also, we honestly don't think he genuinely didn't know what was going on in the basement right? Red's the cool dad who all the kids love and form their own little bonds with and for that, Red Forman is absolutely a favorite TV dad.

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