Deer movement is starting to get heavy as we approach November 15th. The holiest of all hunting holidays in Michigan, over 300,000 will take to the woods in search of the whitetail deer.

Don't be surprised when you're driving the rural roads of Michigan, that what appears to be a random pumpkin patch appears to your right or left. Michiganders take this day very seriously. The tradition of the Michigan deer camp runs deep. The opportunity to spend a week with family and friends in the northwoods has been marked on calendars for generations. Some camps have lost a few and new members have been initiated.

It almost doesn't matter if anyone gets anything. It's the memories of stories told, laughs shared and euchre played, that will light the lanterns of our minds. That of course, and "da tirdy point buck dat got away!" "HOLY WAH!"

Photo: BettsGuideService/YouTube