"Dec 7, 1941, a day that will live in infamy". That's how President Franklin Delano Roosevelt described this date 79 years ago today.

Across The United States and Michigan, you will notice flags lowered to half staff today. Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, ordered all US and state flags in Michigan to be lowered in remembrance of Pearl Harbor. It was 79 years ago that the US naval base in Pearl Harbor, HI was surprisingly attached by Japanese forces, catapulting The United States into WWll. More than 2,400 Americans were killed during the attack and an additional 1000 were injured.

The Associated press quotes The Michigan Governor, “We remember the courage and bravery of the men and women at Pearl Harbor, and honor the thousands of Americans who lost their lives during this tragic attack on our nation. I hope this day serves as a reminder of unity in the face of tragedy. I encourage each of us to draw upon these ideals as we work together to eliminate COVID-19 from Michigan.”

To properly lower a flag to half staff, you are first to raise the flag to its peak for an instant before lowering it to the half staff position. Flags will return to full staff on Tuesday.

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