Guilty as charged!! It's another post about Queen (or Tom Petty). But, trust me, it's worth a watch!

Speaking of Petty, I've long said he's the last American Rock 'n' Roll hero, and Dave Grohl is the only other cat that can compare. It's not that there aren't other great acts still touring and selling out shows, or producing top selling LP's. These two just seem to stand up for all of the right reasons when it comes to rock music. They fight the system; labels and marketing "geniuses". They stand up for their artistic rights and those of others, and also stand up for the fans' right to a true and enjoyable listening experience.

Now, back to the Queen side of things. Watch Taylor Hawkins take lead vocal for Foo Fighters with Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer for a live cover of "Tie Your Mother Down", the song the band played with Brian May and Roger Taylor when Queen was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.