There's a country song called "There's Somethin' Bout A Truck".

Especially if there's delicious food inside and they are selling it out the side of said truck.

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The food truck has been a staple in America for years. But recently, it has become a phenomena.

It goes without saying you're getting delicious food and dishes you won't get at fast food restaurants.

And beforehand, you had to wait to see if the food truck would show up outside your place of work. Now with social media and apps, you're in direct contact with you favorite mobile food spot and you can follow them wherever they go.

Food truck rallies have begun to show up at parking lots for their own events. And when events are canceled, as with some state fairs, they are holding food truck fares (see what they did there) at state fairgrounds and such.

And of course, there's food truck reality television.

Now you can get ready for our very own food truck round up courtesy of Food Truck Road Show.

The Food Truck Road Show is a traveling drive through event. We're bringing Michigan's best food trucks into a single location! We will be rotating locations throughout the week. (Food Truck Road Show)

They'll be passing through Mason (Ingham County Fairgrounds and Exposition Center) and Mt. Pleasant (Isabella County Youth and Farm Fair).

Confirmed schedule:


Mondays- Lansing
June 29th, July 6th
Ingham County Fairgrounds and Exposition Center
700 E Ash St, Mason, MI 48854

Thursdays- Mt Pleasant
July 2nd, July 9th
Isabella County Youth and Farm Fair
500 N Mission Rd, Mt Pleasant, MI 48858

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