If you drive a Ford SUV, you may want to see if it is one of the ones that is being recalled or the roof, the roof, the roof rails may pop off.

It seems like back in 2019 there were recalls once a month from just about every car and truck maker out there. Of course 2020 was a bit different since the pandemic shut most things down, you didn't really hear of any recalls.

Well according to WOOD, Ford Motor Co is recalling just over 660,000 Explorer sport utility vehicles in North America. The United States regulators ask for the recall since the retention pins could loosen and allow roof rail covers to detach themselves from the vehicle.

One good thing about it being roof rails, is that they are not a safety feature and have nothing to so with how the vehicles operate. The bad news is, if you are driving and yours pops off, the vehicle behind you could be in real trouble.

So if you drive a Ford Explorer from the years 2016 through 2019, schedule an appointment with your dealer so they can install the push pins and replace any damaged rail clips and roof rail covers.

WOOD also reported that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration first asked about the roof rail issue in early 2020 after there were reports of nearly a dozen of these rails having problems and coming loose. Ford responded by saying there was a low likelihood of a roof rail detaching and most drivers would notice when one would start to loosen.

A spokeswoman for the Ford Motor Co. said that the company is unaware of any accidents or injuries related to the roof rails and covers.

Ford is recalling 620,483 Explorer's in the United States alone, while 36,419 are being recalled in Canada along with another 4,260 in Mexico.

Ford will send out paperwork for Explorer owners the week of June 28.

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