Have you ever sat on your couch on a Friday evening and said to yourself, "there's absolutely nothing to do, I'm bored."? I do it all the time, shame on me. There is always something to do on Friday night at Lake Lansing Park South at the Lake Lansing Bandshell. they have the Friday Night Concert Series happening again this Friday night.

There is live music every Friday night throughout the summer beginning the first Friday after Memorial Day up until the Friday evening that is a week before Labor Day weekend. It takes sponsors, volunteers, good people, amazing energy and your smiling face to pull this off.

No excuses! All of these shows are free for you to attend at the Lake Lansing Bandshell. There are still plenty of shows to check out before summer is over. This Friday should be a blast with Stone Street Revival. It's Harmonies, Horns and Hits! I am honored and grateful to be your emcee for this Friday's evening of free music.

I emceed last year's "rock" night with Showdown, a great classic rock cover band. The crowd was energized and when we passed around the "red can" for donations to help support the bandshell, the locals did not disappoint. It was a record number for donations and I look forward to crushing that record with you this Friday night at Lake Lansing South. The beauty of a community supporting their community assets is awesome.

Music brings people of all genres together and that is exactly what we need right now. Make plans to come to the Lake Lansing Bandshell this Friday night and every Friday night through August 26th! The remaining dates and performers are listed in the pics below.

Friday Night Concert Series at Lake Lansing

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