Just one of the many slogans to promote Michigan's most famous beer, Stroh's. The company has gone through numerous changes over its 200 plus, year history.

From it's early days the B. Stroh brewing Company, named after Bernhard Stroh, to having been moved to the Pabst Brewing Co, the Stroh name has been synonymous with Michigan and the city of Detroit. Local names like "Detroit RIver Water" were also adopted along the way.

With the huge influx of craft brewed beer in Michigan, one brewery has decided to pick up the original Bohemian style pilsener recipe and bring back the Stroh's brand. The Detroit Free Press reports that Brew Detroit that is located in the City's "Corktown" neighborhood, will be brewing it and the release date will be August 22nd.

Stroh's having been the very first beer to cross the tastebuds of yours truly, there will be much scrutiny on my part. Will it remain "fire-brewed" as it always was in Detroit? And if not, will it still taste the same? And finally, will they bring back the Spring Stroh's Bock that was so popular with all of the mainstream breweries of the 50's, 60's and 70's? I will be patiently waiting and a full report will be given from the WMMQ Beer Snob!

"Alex, you'd better be drinking your water!"