It could be a powerful Friday night with a full moon prepared to light the night sky, then disappear during what will be the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century.

Some astrologers say that a lunar eclipse is an "electrical and mystical time" of the year. has this to say about the eclipse:

The spectacle begins with the moon fully illuminated and as Earth’s shadow gradually reflects on it, it wanes to a crescent shape and eventually is totally covered, as it would be in the new moon phase. The moon then waxes back through crescent, then to a half moon, before lighting up as it originally was in the full moon stage. Therefore, during this full moon eclipse, we will experience the entire month’s lunar cycles in just 104 minutes. 


This means we will experience the fully amplified energy of the sun and moon while they are both in alignment, when the accumulation of these two spellbinding cosmic bodies reflect onto everything and everyone on Earth.


And here's the scientific perspective on the astronomical event happening this weekend from


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