I know I have written about it numerous times, we just keep making great memories there. I PROMISE you, they are not paying me to go on and on about this place.

The Fenner Nature Center is one of Lansing's best kept secrets. Right now, if you are looking to get out and experience some of the best Michigan has to offer in the winter, you need to go see it for yourself.

My daughter and I have gone here for years. Since before she turned 1, I began taking her to a playgroup that used to meet here. Now that she is 4, she knew exactly where we were when we pulled up. We had been taking her to playgrounds but she grew tired of that quick.

At the nature center, we walked down the trails and hit a few spots where we made some powerful, positive memories. We used to play hide and seek in this pallet building they have there. We used to have so much fun, all the kids would come and play with us. Nugget remembered the spot and wanted to play.

We had a great time outside and made some new great memories. It didn't cost us a dime. Check out the Fenner Nature Center at 2020 East Mt. Hope Ave.

When we were leaving, we saw a couple walking their dog and they used the word we used to describe the beauty at Fenner... Magical.

Fenner Nature Center

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